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There is an incredible diversity of career choices at GLM, with unique opportunities for growth within the company. We employ talented individuals in the fields of marketing, accounting, nursing, property management, maintenance, activities coordination and finance. Please click below to see current openings, and if you don’t find what you are looking for, we still want to hear from you!

GLM is always searching for motivated and high potential candidates to bring onto the team when the time is right. Please Click Here to see available positions at GLM.

  • Great Lakes Management employees are accountable, compassionate and teamwork oriented.
  • We are problem solvers who take the initiative to own our responsibilities and exceed expectations.
  • We demonstrate genuine empathy and respect for consistency.
  • We work together to be more effective, efficient and fulfilled.

Ultimately, we seek to win the day and make a positive difference in the lives of others!



Employee Testimonials

“What makes GLM different is that our Mission and Core Values drive our day to day operations from the top down. Making a positive difference in the lives of people sounds simple, however when this principle is applied to the core of decision making on every level, the impact is felt throughout the entire organization and is extended to our vendor partners, our residents and their families.”

– Director of Senior Housing

“GLMC is different from its competitors in that we don’t have the layers of bureaucracy that can bog down decision making which are found in many other organizations. Especially in a fast-changing environment, such as what we’ve recently experienced with the covid-19 pandemic, this allows us to be to responsive to issues quickly and efficiently. Recognizing that each community is distinct, we don’t have a “one size fits all approach” and are versatile and flexible in our approach, tailored to each community’s unique needs and demographics.”

– Executive Director

“An employee shared with her campus supervisor that her husband had worked for a competitor for over 10 years and worked on-call for GLM for 10 months. Upon her husband’s unexpected passing, she noted that the other employer did not do anything to recognize him. GLM not only recognized him but created a Go-Fund-Me page that raised in excess of $25,000 to help defray funeral costs and her on-going living expenses.” 

– Director of Health Services

“We promote and live our Mission/Core Values with all interactions with vendors, residents, and customers. This includes promoting a culture with our teams regardless of position that is inclusive and mirrors that as well. We strive to ensure you have an individualized pleasant interaction at every encounter.” 

– Executive Director

“The positive support offered by the corporate offices is what makes GLM different.”

– Director of Nursing

“Some of the best people I’ve known are the hard-working staff of GLM who are genuinely working with us because this is where they want to be. The atmosphere is different from that of other communities because we take pride in living our Mission and Core Values on a  daily basis, having like-minded people to help me stay accountable in an enlightening experience all of its own that I like to think has helped me grow in my position and as a person exponentially.” 

– Director of Nursing

“I have stayed here for almost nine years – what can I say. The longevity of the employees, always rewarding employees in lots of ways, good benefits, always have been communicated to about any changes going on in the company.”  

– Receptionist

“I believe that GLM staff go above and beyond daily to provide exceptional care for our residents. GLM provides a wonderful support team for both families and residents. I believe this support extends even after a resident has passed. GLM provides opportunities for staff to grow with the company, there are many nurses that started as floor staff. Staff turnover is very minimal, and we have many staff members that have longevity, this shows that GLM provides support and appreciation to their employees.  I will say that I am very pleased to be a part of this company!”

– Registered Nurse

“What sets GLM apart from other companies is their openness to new ideas and implementing them right away. They listen to their employees who are on the floor working and really listen to their suggestions. They do everything with a higher level of customer service focusing on each resident, family member, visitor and staff member.”  

– Resident Services Coordinator

“The residents, family members and staff make this place a better place to be.”

– Resident Assistant

“I have good co-workers; a nice boss and I like the flexible work hours.”

– Resident Assistant

“The one thing I would say is the level of positive support and encouragement we continuously receive from GLM. Corporate staff are always interested and genuinely care about the employees and residents and looking for ways to better support all of us.”

– Director of Operations

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